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Attack on Titan 1x4

Night of the Disbanding

Two years pass and the time for the recruits’ graduation approaches. While training Hand-to-hand combat with Reiner and Annie Leonhart, Eren learns the fact that many among his peers are just honing their abilities to earn a place in the military police and avoid confronting the Titans at all. Despite Jean and some of his friends claim that confronting the Titans is pointless, as mankind has never won a battle against them, Eren is dead set on joining the recon corps and fulfill his dream of one day to defeat all the Titans and see the world beyond the walls. On the day of graduation, Christa, Sasha, Conny Springer, Marco Bott, Jean, Eren, Annie, Bertholt, Reiner and Mikasa become the top ten recruits of their class. Despite the top ten are allowed to join the military police, Eren joins the recon force as he always intended, with Mikasa joining as well to watch over him.

Attack on Titan 1×4
Attack on Titan 1×4
Attack on Titan 1×4
Attack on Titan 1×4
Apr. 28, 2013

Attack on Titan season 1

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